TODOtive - effective task manager

Effective To-Do Manager for Your Tasks

TODOtive is a smart to-do list software which helps you organize your tasks and notes.

" your tasks will not be forgotten "

current version:1.00, released: January 9, 2019

Create Your Tasks Fast and Easy

Use this unique task editor for a minimum distraction from your actual work with maximum efficiency at defining tasks.

Make Quick Notes

Your notes may be also formatted and you can turn them to task later.

Determine Your Goals

... and assign tasks you have to do to fulfill these goals.

Desktop With Sticky Notes

Place colorful notes and tasks on a desktop.

View Your Tasks in Calendar

It is important to see what you have to manage each day. The calendar provides you with an overview.

Stay Organized with Categories

Tasks can be categorized as well as the Categories themselves.

Recurring Tasks

Some tasks repeat on regular basis. They may be added to your to-do list automatically.

Time Estimation

One task is longer than another. The estimation tool helps you to predict how much time you will need in total.

Our Commitment

is to develop and provide the best task manager experience for desktops. We promise to improve our solution further to meet your highest expectations.

Did you find an issue in our software? Let us know and we will be happy to make things better.


TODOtive - A New Effective TO-DO List Application

After a year and a half of development we have a brand-new software tool for you. It will let you add your task very quickly.
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