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It adds support for milestones and sprints. Team work will be added later.
Unit price: 39 € / 45 $


Everything you need to manage your personal and work tasks.
Unit price: 29 € / 33 $


If you want just task and notes.
Unit price: 19 € / 21 $


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If you want to use TODOtive for commercial purposes or you want to get a higher edition (Standard/Professional Edition), you need to buy a license. The activation key will be sent to your e-mail within 2 working days (usually sooner) after purchase. A purchased license allows you to a lifelong use of the current version of TODOtive, any previous version and versions released within one year from date of purchase. It also allows you to vote for suggestions on the website. Before you decide to buy TODOtive, you can try it for free for 30 days.

Very rarely it may happen that the e-mail containing a license file and a license document is filtered out with your SPAM-filter. So if you don't get e-mail from todotive@todotive.com within several days after purchasing, please contact us and we'll solve this problem. You can use e-mail or also our support forum.

Renew Discount

If you want to renew your expired update license, you can do it from your online account after logging in. You are entitled to 50% discount of regular price.

(If you forgot your password, you can ask for password reset on todotive@todotive.com A new password will be sent to your registered e-mail.)

Electronic Bank Transfer

If you don't want to use PayPal and you are residing in the EU (your bank has to support foreign payments using IBAN), you may do so via an electronic bank transfer. If you want to use this type of payment, please contact us via e-mail.

Why purchase TODOtive?

  1. You will get an effective task manager, which allows you to easily organize your tasks and notes.
  2. You can vote for suggestions and thus you will participate on future development decisions.
  3. Your bug reports and requirements will be of a higher priority.
  4. You will support the further development of this application.
  5. You can use any version released within one year after your purchase date for an unlimited time period.

Edition Comparison

Edition / Feature Lite Standard Professional
Tasks X X X
Notes X X X
Goals X X X
Desktop X X
Calendar X X
Estimation X X
Category Flow X X
Recurring Tasks X X
Export to CSV X X
Sessions X X
Manager X
Marketplace X
Milestones X
Sprints X
Teams X
Users X