End User License Agreement for TODOtive

Please read the following document carefully before using TODOtive (the "SOFTWARE"). If you disagree with any part of the following text, you are not allowed to use this software and you MUST delete it immediately.


By downloading, installing, using, transmitting, distributing or copying the software, you agree to the terms of this agreement (including the software license and disclaimer of warranty) with Dušan Rodina the owner of all rights in respect of this software.

Except where otherwise noted, author and holder of the copyright of all of the documentation and the software included in the TODOtive is Dušan Rodina. The licensor and as such issuer of the license and bearer of the worldwide exclusive usage rights including the rights to reproduce, distribute and make the software available to the public in any form is Dušan Rodina, Šancová 3/A, 811 04 Bratislava, Slovakia.

Copyright (C) 2017-2019 Dušan Rodina. All rights reserved.

There are four editions of the software:

The SOFTWARE is distributed as try before you buy. This means that anyone may use the software during a trial period of a maximum of 30 days at no charge.

Free Edition of the SOFTWARE is distributed as freeware. Lite, Standard and Professional edition of the SOFTWARE may be used for free only during a trial period of 30 days. If the user wants to use the software after this trial period, a license key must be purchased. The purchased license key specifies who is allowed to use the SOFTWARE or how many users are allowed to use SOFTWARE within an organization (institution, company or school), the license key specifies also the edition(s) of the SOFTWARE, which can be used.

You may not remove any proprietary notices, labels, trademarks on the SOFTWARE or documentation. You may not modify, de-compile, disassemble or reverse engineer the Software.


The SOFTWARE is provided "as-is". No warranty of any kind is expressed or implied. In no event shall the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this SOFTWARE. You use the SOFTWARE at your own risk. Neither the author, the licensor nor the agents of the licensor will be liable for data loss, damages, loss of profits or any other kind of loss while using or misusing this software.

Dušan Rodina