About TODOtive - effective task manager and to-do list

TODOtive lets you note your tasks very quickly. You can categorize them easily. You have also their priorities and due dates under control. You can add new tasks and notes easily just using keyboard. If you want to reorganize your tasks, change their priorities or add them to other categories you will utilize the intuitive mouse control and the drag&drop features.

TODOtive supports nested categories which have their own color and symbol codes. You can add your tasks to multiple categories. Each task has its priority, due date and status. The task is first in to-do state, when you start work on it, you change it to Doing and every completed task ends with Done status. You can type detailed description and add attachments to each task. Tasks may contain other nested sub-tasks. You can define multiple notifications which will remind you of the task at the desired times.

The tasks are listed in a well-organized to-do list. They are ordered by priority (although you can change the ordering to other kinds) and colored to emphasize something important (e.g. the tasks which were not done in time have a red background).

You can access the to-do list from the system tray or from the TODOtive sidebar. The sidebar is a very important part of the application. You just move the mouse cursor to the left (default) side of the screen and the sidebar will appear. It offers access to other features of TODOtive. There are buttons for today and tomorrow tasks, for tasks categories. You can just move the cursor over these buttons and the list of tasks will show – you may remind yourself what to do without a single click.

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